Privacy Policy Disclosure

Effective 10/27/2022

We do not collect any user information at the moment

Effective 01/01/2023

Accounting Pro Tools LLC (maker of RightTool) tracks the following information as metadata:

  • Individual logged in user (based on Intuit ID) for the purposes of distinguishing RightTool subscription (FREE vs. PRO)
  • Company ID number (as session identifier, we do not read the Company Name from QBO)
  • Timestamp for every page/tab opened (we capture URL, but not accounting data)
  • Ad impressions (FREE version only) and click throughs

In Early 2023, we will give PRO users the ability to opt-out of this feature.  However, this feature will be required if PRO users want to access this data for their own internal activity and time tracking purposes!

We track this data for multiple reasons such as quality control, usage, and ad impression statistics. We do NOT sell this data to any 3rd parties. We do not read and/or track any accounting/banking data from your QBO files. 
To review our full email and privacy policy click here.  If you disagree with these, please uninstall RightTool immediately.