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Version 1.022.9
Right Navigation BarCollapsible Right Navigation bar in Navy Blue, set to feel like the old QuickBooks Desktop right navigation bar
Quick Access to +NEW & SettingsQuick access Icons: +New, Settings, and Hard Refresh (clear cache and cookies)
Quick access to all QBO shortcuts/reportsDatabase of ALL SHORTCUTS and ALL REPORTS that can be accessible via direct URLS. Shortcuts/Reports contain a period “.” at the end when if it requires QBO Essential or higher to be able to access, contain two periods “..” at the end for QBO Plus and higher, and three period “…” at the end when QBO Advanced and higher. Shortcuts with four period “….” at the end is for QBO Accountants only
FavoritesAllows you to add any of favorite from the ALL SHORTCUTS/REPORTS menus and even custom bookmarks to quickly access from within RightTools. Also an OPEN ALL button that allows you to open all the favorites in this screen at the same time. Lastly whenever keyboard shortcuts are turned on, CTRL+ALT+NUMBER (1-0) quickly accesses those top 10 shortcuts on that screen. Favorites can also be rearranged via click and drag
QBO Version visual and RightTool Version IndicatorInside RightTool you will see the QBO version: Clicking your QBO version now opens company settings; and the RightTool release version: clicking the release version opens the release notes webpage.
Refresh Tabs on Company ChangeWhen this is turned on, RightTool will send a refresh signal to all tabs when the company is switching to also “prevent the dreaded gray screen”
RT Universal searchEnables the search bar inside RightTool to do quick amount or text searches inside QBO. Or to search within RightTool’s list of Shortcuts and Reports
Enhanced Amount SearchSearching inside details (CTRL ENTER) and using greater/lesser/ than symbols
“GO” Voice Commands when Dictation is onAdding the word “GO” to your dictation when searching in the RT Search, will execute an ENTER on the top shortcut/report from the search
Recurring Transactions and Recent Transactions ShortcutsLinks added to shortcuts that can take you straight into the list of recurring transactions and to Recent transactions
RightTool Setting SearchAllows you to search settings within RightTool based on both setting name and setting description
Larger Account & Item DropdownsMakes account and item drop-down larger so you can see the whole account and sub-account names
Export/Import RT Settings, Favorites, and ScriptsYou can export your RightTool settings and import them via a copy/paste function

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