RightTool Setting: Classic Reports

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Version 1.022.9
Export Reports To CSVAdds the option to export a report as a CSV that mimics what is visible in QBO – leaving out hidden fields. Also includes a ‘Copy To Clipboard’ button.
Hide Sub-Rows Button Adds a link labeled as “^^ Rows” that collapses and expands any data in the rows that has parent/sub relationships like Accounts. Also works with expanding/collapsing report groups in the Custom Reports Screen
Hide Sub-Columns ButtonAdds a link labeled as “>< Columns” that collapses and expands any Classes, Locations, Customers:Projects, and Products/Services that have sub-categories under it, also makes those headers RED so you know they were collapsed
Default Print Reports In LandscapeWhen you click on the printer icon on a report – RightTool will automatically switch the print to landscape mode.
Audit Log Transaction Date FilterAllows you to filter your current page of the audit log for Transactions within certain dates.
Inventory Quantity Adjustment EnhancementsCreates a button inside of the ‘Inventory Adjustments’ screen to quickly add all products & a button to zero out the new qty for each of them.
Auto Switch to Classic ViewAutomatically switches reports from the ‘Modern View’.
Enable Right-click on Classic ReportsRight clicking on any amount inside a report will show the option to open in new tab, new window, incognito window, etc… Without RightTool this is not possible in reports
Totals in Sales Tax Liability ReportCreates a button that calculates the totals in the ‘Sales Tax Liability Report’ then appends the totals to the notes of the report.
Customer P&L LinkCreates a link in the Customer Detail Page that takes you to a profit and loss filtered to that customer.
Report Preset ButtonAdds a button to run a group of preset settings without manually clicking all the settings. You can edit these in the area below.

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