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Version 1.020.5
Include Deposits in Customer Detail______Automatically chooses the ‘All Transactions Plus Deposits’ filter while looking at customer transactions – gives you more data to look at.
Auto Close Banking/COA PopupsGets rid of the welcome screen and in-screen popups that show up in the Banking, Chart of Accounts, and Bank Reconciliation Screens
Jump to Location ButtonsAdds a button to allow the user to get back to the account (scrolls to it) whenever editing an account in the chart of account, Customers, or Vendors Screen where it resets back to the top
Extend Print OptionsAdds Printing capabilities to Journal Entries (with sub-optional landscape mode for more fields) and Bills. Keyboard Shortcut CTRL SHIFT P.
Export to Journal Entry to CSVExports the current journal entry in CSV, cannot be “imported” back in
Register/Reconcile Useful Links (“Back to Banking”)Adds a button in the Register and the Reconcile page that takes you back to the banking screen. Also adds a button in the Reconcile page that will take you back to reconcile history
Journal Balance VisualShows an icon letting you know how far out of balance a Journal entry is.
Larger Drawers and DropdownsIncreases the size of the drawer that pops out – for example: the new Chart Of Accounts or when creating a rule. Makes account and item drop downs larger so you can see the whole account and sub-account names.
Auto-Print Reconciliation ReportAutomatically opens the reconciliation report in a new tab and prints it when you finish a reconciliation.
Customer P&L LinkCreates a link in the Customer Detail Page that takes you to a profit and loss filtered to that customer.
Cursor Defaults Payee in New TransactionNew transactions start cursor on Payee fields so you can just start typing.
Enable SAVE Button in all TransactionsShows the save (which acts as a “Save and Stay”) button that keeps you in the transaction for all transactions where it is possible to do so.
Chart of Accounts Header with New ButtonAdds a ‘New’ button to the header of the Chart of Accounts list. Making it so you can create a new account no matter where you are inside the Chart of Accounts.
Expanded Name Input Box for Recurring Transactions ScreenMakes the name input of ‘Recurring Transactions’ a about twice as large
Copy Pagination Buttons To The TopCopies the buttons to go the the next, last, first, etc… pages to the top of the page. Currently only works in ‘ReceIve Payments’

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