RightTool for QBO – Release Notes

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1.23.2 (06/14/24)

  • FIXED 3 features in the new Deposits screen (that stopped working on the new screen): Deposits New Tabs, Show/Hide Undeposited Funds (Deposits PRO), and Bank Deposits Selected Totals on Sticky Headers (Deposits PRO)
  • FIXED a bug that was causing the Auto-Print Reconciliation feature to print a blank screen

1.23.1 (06/11/24)

  • NEW Reallocate Expenses (BATCH PRO): allows you to redistribute an expense through multiple classes inside a transaction, similar to Reallocate from P&L but at the transaction level
  • NEW Change Subaccounts (Experiments PRO: allows you to un-sub multiple accounts in batch

1.22.14 (06/10/24)

  • Various bug fixes

1.22.10 (05/22/24)

  • IMPROVED Short-term QBO Enhancements (QBO USER EXPERIENCE) to add an ACTIONS button under the new Estimates and Invoices to contain links to the all the common features like: Receive Payment, Copy, Void, Delete, Journal, Audit History
  • Fixed Copy Down & Duplicate Rows (BATCH PRO) to work correctly on all columns. And fixed an issue where new Sales Receipts weren’t duplicating rows.
  • Fixed “Save” Button in the new Checks screen when using Enable Save Button in All Transactions (QBO USER EXPERIENCE)
  • Fixed the name matching mechanism while using Copy Excel To Transactions (BATCH PRO)
  • Improved the CSV file when deleting from the register to match the formatting of the bulk enter better while using Batch Delete In Register (BATCH PRO) and the Save Deleted Transaction List To CSV subtoggle

1.22.7 (05/13/2024)

  • Fixed several bugs with journal entries features and Item lock in transactions

1.22.6 (05/09/2024)

  • ADDED Short-term QBO Enhancements (QBO USER EXPERIENCE) now allows new invoices, estimates, and sales orders to expand/collapse header columns for products/services. Also improved Customer Notes Link so the notes are automatically expanded.
  • Fixed some issues where Other Assets were seen as liabilities in the Balance Sheet Adjuster (EXPERIMENTS PRO)
  • Fixed Copy/Paste Transactions (BATCH PRO) to be more flexible with account numbers and parent accounts
  • MERGED Merged “Save and Reverse” and “Multiply by %” into “Journal Entry Enhancements” I forgot the other thing that needed to be included in that.
  • ADDED as subsetting in RT Links Open in New Tabs (Tab Management) to make it so links autoclose when you are done creating a new transaction.

1.022.5 (05/02/2024)

  • FIXED Several bugs due to changes to QBO screens
  • FIXED CTRL SHIFT R Shortcut in Reports to perform a “Run Report” command and “Jump to Last”
  • FIXED an issue when you use RightTool search box to search for memo or amounts with some QBO company files that do not support the new search screen
  • FIXED an issue preventing Canadian users from bulk entering transactions with the Tax column enabled, not it works
  • FIXED an issue preventing Canadian users from using the Reallocation Tool for proportional adjustments by Total Income
  • ADDED: Percent button on journal entry page (ACCOUNTANT PRO) – adds a percent button at the top of the journal entry page so the user can multiple by percent on all amounts.
  • ADDED: Save and Reverse on journal entry page (ACCOUNTANT PRO) – adds a button that allows you to save the journal entry, reverse it, date it for the first day of the following month, and then save.. all in one button
  • ADDED: a Show Notes link in new Invoices to quickly open the customer notes section on the right drawer (To toggle, always ON for now…)

1.022.1 (04/24/2024)

  • REMOVED: Fix Column Width in New Txn Pages (Experimental PRO) – due to some unpredictable behavior in QBO
  • REMOVED: Refresh on Modernized Reports – as the new reports now added a refresh button natively
  • MOVED: Reallocate from Reports via Journal Entry to (Batch PRO) – and also added support to reallocating Balance Sheet as well!
  • ADDED / BROUGHT BACK: Restrict Transfers (Error Prevention) due to some users that still want to override PAIRED TRANSFERS into a “Categorize” type of bank feed action
  • ADDED: Balance Sheet Adjustment Tool (Experiments PRO) – you can now Adjust values in a plain Balance Sheet to start and export a CSV of a Journal Entry that you can use to import.
  • ADDED: Batch Change Project Status (Batch PRO) – Adds a button that enables the user to change the status of all projects in the current page of projects.
  • ADDED: Deposit Sticky Footer (Deposit PRO): Creates a sticky copy of the footer on the payments for bank deposits to the top of the page. Allowing you to see totals while scrolling.
  • IMPROVED: Bank Rule Page Enhancements (Accountant PRO) – added Ability to Make Last or Make First for Rules as two options in the dropdown next to each rule
  • ADDED: New Links related to new Inventory screens: Inventory Starting Value, Inventory Counts, and Batch Import Products
  • SEPARATED: Right Click to Reclassify or Open Register from Reports (Accountant PRO) intro two separate features/toggles

1.021.14 (04/21/2024)

  • IMPROVED Clear Zero Lines Button (Accountant PRO) added to almost all transaction types (except the new Invoices)
  • FIXED a bug to make sure that Copy Down & Copy Rows (Batch PRO) works across all transactions

Version 1.021.13 (04/15/2024)

  • IMPROVED Bulk Create In Register (Experiments PRO) to allow checks to be imported with the “To Print” Checkbox if the user imports the word “Print” in the transaction number
  • FIXED a bug with Right Click to Reclassify or Open Register from Reports (Accountant PRO) where only the balance sheet should be allowing to right click to open register
  • FIXED a bug with Register – Bulk Edit Bank Account (Experiments PRO) with Receive Payment transactions
  • FIXED a bug that was making Export Undeposited Payments (Deposits PRO) to export incomplete transactions

Version 1.021.12 (04/11/2024)

  • ADDED Deposit Sticky Footer (Deposits PRO): Creates a sticky copy of the footer on the payments for bank deposits to the top of the page. Allowing you to see totals while scrolling.
  • ADDED Export Undeposited Payments (Deposits PRO): Creates a button that allows you to export a csv with information on undeposited payments..
  • IMPROVED Books Review ‘Mark Done’ Button (Accountant PRO): now has a link at the bottom that will scroll you back to the top of the page.
  • IMPROVED Enhanced New Transactions (Reconcile PRO): now the transactions default to the same date as the ending statement from the reconcile page
  • IMPROVED Reports Presets (Classic Reports): added “Sort Date Ascending
    (For Detailed Reports)”
  • IMPROVED Right Click to Reclassify (Accountant PRO) now adds Open Register from Balance Sheet

Version 1.021.11 (04/09/2024)

  • Multiple bug fixes, with printing bills and exporting CSV files in reports
  • Added the ability to export and import templates in the Reallocate from P&L (Experiments PRO)
  • IMPROVED Bank Rule Page Enhancements (Accountant PRO) – Added Ability to Make Last or Make First for Rules as two options in the dropdown next to each rule
  • IMPROVED Bulk Change Customer/Project in Lines (Experiments PRO) Added a DATE Column for the transactions
  • IMPROVED Inventory Quantity Adjustment Enhancements (Batch PRO) – Added a “Add All Active non-Zero Items” and a “Add All Active Items with Negatives” buttons to make it easier to adjust your inventory
  • ADDED New Shortcuts/Links:  Vendors Details Page, Batch Enter Customers, and Batch Enter Vendors

Version 1.021.5 (03/27/2024)

  • Multiple bug fixes and updating scripts in NEW versions of QBO screens
  • Added batch delete functionality into the Batch Delete Purchase Orders (in Batch PRO) for Invoices, Bills, and Credit Memos.

Version 1.021.3 (03/20/2024)

  • NEW in EXPERIMENTS PRO: Reallocate from P&L – it’s a comprehensive tool that can take a P&L by Class, Location or Customer:Project and identify the values of any specific column to create a journal entry that can “reallocate” those amounts across multiple Classes, Locations, or Customer:Projects of your choice (either evenly, proportionally, or with custom percentages the user can give it)

Version 1.020.14 (03/14/2024)

  • NEW: Open New Tabs in Bill Pay (Tab Management): when drilling down in transactions in bull pay screen, they open in new tabs so you don’t lose your progress
  • Fixed several bugs related to features the Reconciliation page that has been fully re-designed by QBO
  • Fixed several bugs related to features the in Bank Feeds

Version 1.020.8 (02/24/2024)

  • IMPROVED: Added the ability to Bulk Create In Register (Experimental PRO) to also do single line journal entries in any asset, liability, or equity register that is not a bank or credit card
  • IMPROVED: Expanded Sort Transaction Columns (Experimental PRO) to work on other transaction types
  • IMPROVED: Added CTRL SHIFT J shortcut to trigger Copy Excel To Transactions (Batch PRO) to trigger the Journal Entry batch entry screen.
  • NEW: Fix Column Width in New Txn Pages (Experimental PRO): By default the new transaction pages in QBO has weird sizing on the columns. This is our attempt to fix that.

Version 1.020.5 (02/17/2024)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented “Payee History” and “Quick Create Payee in Bank Feeds” from working after a change in QBO Bank Feeds Screen
  • Fixed the issue where Expanded Memo was not working in Bank Feeds, but unfortunately, we can no longer insert line breaks in Bank Feeds memo box 🙁

Version 1.020.2 (02/05/2024)

  • REMOVED “Restrict Transfers” and “Restrict Credit Card Payments” feature from Error Prevention. As QBO has “permanently fixed” the issues with suggesting transfers in bank feeds
  • REMOVED “Untransfer Button” from Bank Automation PRO, same reason as above
  • MERGE: Larger Drawer for Accounts and Bank Rules + Larger Account & Item Dropdowns into “Larger Drawers and Dropdowns”
  • MOVED to Accessibility: Auto-Close Left Nav Bar
  • MOVED to Accessibility: Enhanced Transaction Esc
  • MOVED to Classic Reports: Customer P&L Link
  • FREE Amount filter added to “Audit Log Transaction Date Filter” (Classic Reports)
  • FREE: Sticky Table Headers: headers will stay at the top of the table as you scroll up and down for Bank Feed and Bank Register pages. (Bank/Rules Improvements)
  • PRO: Net Batch Balance Indicator: in Bank Feeds (Bank Automation PRO)
  • PRO – IMPROVEMENT in Copy from Excel to Transactions (Batch Pro) it now supports line breaks in the description
  • PRO – IMPROVEMENT in Find and Replace in Transaction Added Keyboard shortcut CTRL SHIFT F to trigger feature (Batch Pro)
  • PRO – IMPROVEMENT in Copy Down and Copy Rows – Added Keyboard shortcut CTRL SHIFT Q to trigger COPY DOWN feature (Batch Pro)

Version 1.020.1 (02/01/2024)

  • Fix Misc Bugs, such as AI features giving you a “API KEY” error
  • FREE: Bank Feed Color Assistance: adds color coding to bank feeds transactions that are recognized by a Rule (Blue), by a Transfer Pairing (Red), and regular Matches (stays in Green) (Bank/Rules)
  • PRO: Batch Delete Purchase Orders: Allows a user to batch delete purchase orders by using the ‘Search’ Screen for purchase orders. Use the ‘Search Recent Purchase Orders’ to initiate the process (Batch PRO)
  • IMPROVEMENT in Copy To Different Transaction Types (Experiments Pro) to add the ability to convert Sales Receipts into Invoices
  • FREE IMPROVEMENT in Reports Enhanced Drilldown (Tab Management) to automatically detect when a drilled down transaction is changed, and the clicked transaction gets highlighted to send you back to your place in the page scroll. CLASSIC REPORTS ONLY.

Version 1.019.6 (01/24/2024)

  • FREE: 1099 Account Mapping Enhancements: Adds a shift-click functionality to selecting accounts in the 1099 screen and adds a ‘Make All NEC’ button to batch change all the accounts to file under the NEC filing type. (Error Prevention)
  • FREE (No Toggle) Refresh Button on Modernized Reports
  • PRO: Reclassify From Reports: Allows users to right-click on the numbers inside of classic reports and open a reclassify transactions page that is specific to the account you clicked on. (Accountant PRO) **MUST BE LOGGED IN AS ACCOUNTANT**

Version 1.019.4 (01/19/2024)

  • FREE: Copy Pagination Buttons To The Top: Copies the buttons to go the the next, last, first, etc. pages to the top of the page. Currently only works in “Receive Payments” (QBO User Experience)
  • FREE: Bank Deposits Auto-Enable Customers: Automatically checks “Track returns for clients” when creating a Deposit, which allows deposits that have a vendor name associated with the money coming in to be assigned to a Customer:Project (Error Prevention)

Version 1.019.2 (01/09/2024)

  • PRO: Invoice Sort in Columns Button: resort lines by amount (Experiments PRO)
  • Improved FREE MATCH TAB NAMES – added Company Name at the end of the tab title (Tab Management)
  • Improved FREE JOURNAL ENTRY BALANCE: only on the old Journal Entry screen (Error Prevention)
  • Improved FREE Reports Enhanced Drilldown: now modernized reports also open in new tabs (Tab Management)
  • Improved PRO: Bank Rules Page Enhancements: Added “Rules Without Location” (Accountant PRO)
  • Improved PRO: Reclassify Page Extra Filters: New Select All Checkbox (Accountant PRO)
  • Improved PRO: Filter Payments By Start Date: New Select All Checkbox (Deposit PRO)
  • Improved PRO: Batch Edit in Register: Ability to edit payees on deposit transactions with a single line item (Batch PRO)
  • Improved PRO: Copy Excel To Transactions Ability to paste line items into the new updated Deposit screens (old Deposit screens not supported) and ability to paste into transactions that are marked as Recurring (old transaction screens not supported) (Batch PRO)

Version 1.018.10 (12/24/2023)

  • Improved FREE: Enhanced Report Drill Down: now also opens new tabs during drilldown with the new enhanced/modernized reports as well

Version 1.018.9 (12/18/2023)

  • Improved PRO: Batch Edit in Register: Added ability to edit Payees in Deposits

Version 1.018.6 (12/12/2023)

  • FREE: Added 3 new Job Costing modernized reports in QBO Advanced
  • Improved FREE: Jump to Location setting now adds ads a Jump to Last button in the Register as well
  • Improved PRO: Batch Enter Transactions in Register – Added ability to add TAX column in Canadian version of QBO
  • Improved PRO: Paste from Excel into Journal now works with new Journal Entry screen

Version 1.018.4 (12/04/2023)

  • Improved PRO: A sub-setting under Quick Create Payees From Memo for choosing “Vendor or Customers” when Quickly creating them using With Alt + C and Alt + V working if you press them while editing the memo. (Bank Automation PRO)
  • PRO: Convert Payee Type – allows you to take an existing customer and create a vendor with the same info and vice-versa (Accountant PRO)
  • PRO: Bill Pay Enhancements – Creates a button that allows you to show all rows when inside the ‘Pay Bills’ page. Also unhides the Vendor Credit area in ‘Bill Payments’ when you filter on Bills. (Accountant PRO)
  • FREE: Clean Category Names – Automatically cleans up the names of categories inside of the bank feed. Ex. 1234 Travel Expenses: Meals would become 1234 Meals. (Bank/Rules)
  • FREE: Totals in Sales Tax Liability Reports – Creates a button that calculates the totals in the ‘Sales Tax Liability Report’ then appends the totals to the notes of the report. (Classic Reports)
  • FREE: ALL DATES Option in Enhanced Reports – Creates a button in enhanced reports (modernized) that automatically sets the dates to be from January 1950 through Jan 2300. (Classic Reports)
    NOTE: This feature has been removed, obsolete by Intuit’s update in Jan 2024
  • Improved FREE: Adds a net amount indicator when selecting multiple items in the bank feed where some transactions are credits and others debts.
  • Improved FREE: Added Bill Print to the “NEW” Bills window (redesigned window)
  • Improved FREE: RightTool Search, if you enter a “$” in front of the number, it will search for amounts in the general search text search box in the new Advanced Search, so it can actually search in line items for split transactions of lines in journal entries
  • Improved PRO: Copy Down feature to the bank feed deposit matching screen where you click on “Resolve Differences”
  • Improved PRO: Find Product/Service For Inactivating Accounts – now each of the items has a hyperlink that sends you to the edit page

VERSION 1.017.6 (11/11/2023)

  • FREE: Larger/Bolder Numbers in Modern Invoices: Makes the number inputs in the new invoices page have larger font size and bolding so that you can actually see if a number is negative.
  • FREE: Close Sidebar After Clicking a Favorite: After clicking one of the shortcuts inside of RightTool’s Favorites – the sidebar will close to give more space to work.
  • FREE: Clickable Recurring Transaction Names: Allows users to click on the template names inside of the ‘Recurring Transaction’ Page to open them in a new tab with the ‘Use’ action.
  • PRO: Find Product/Service For Inactivating Accounts: Creates a button to find attached products to an account when you are trying to delete from the Chart Of Accounts and it says ‘This account is used by a product or service’.
  • PRO: Bulk Enter in Register: Allows users to create single line transactions from inside the Register page in batch. Also has a button for a Batch Template to get a csv you can edit.
  • FREE: Moved all these features from Bank Feed PRO into Bank/Rules FREE: Bank Feed Additional Detail, Bank Text Under Bank Feed Cards, Larger Account/Memo Boxes, New Transactions Button, and Payee History Link
  • PRO – Improvements to Copy Excel to Journal: You can now Export all your lists to CSV (Customers, Accounts, Classes, Locations)
  • PRO – Improvement to Register – Bulk Edit Bank Accounts: now works with more transaction types (used to be limited to payments and sales receipts) – Note: it will NOT work with matched transactions or Paychecks (QBO limitation)

VERSION 1.016.10 (10/23/2023)

  • FREE – Added a “Receive Payments” button to the top of new Invoices, and Item Lock on Sales Transactions now works with the new Invoices as well!
  • PRO – New invoices have Copy Row buttons now, wasn’t working prior to this release
  • PRO – reworked the “Change Source Account” in Batch Edit. Now it works with everything but Journals and Transfers now. Prior it only worked with Payments and Sales Receipts
  • PRO – You can now Drag and Drop CSV’s into the Paste Excel to Journal and Paste Items into New “Modernized” Transactions

VERSION 1.016.9 (10/19/2023)

  • FREE – New Feature: Clickable Recurring Transaction Names in Tab Management: Allows users to click on the template names inside of the ‘Recurring Transaction’ Page to open them in a new tab with the ‘Use’ action.
  • FREE – updated the links to Release notes abd Keyboard shortcuts to the righttool.app domain name page
  • FREE- updated the link for “Journals Report by Month Date/Amount Sorted” custom report, it now contains vendors as a field as well
  • FREE – moved previously un-toggle-able settings into their own toggles:
    -Copy Bill Memo to Bill Payments (Error Prevention) – ON by default
    -Expanded Recurring Transaction Name Box (QBO User Experience) – ON by default
    -Larger Account & Item Drop Down menus (QBO User Experience) – ON by default
    -Enable Right-click on Classic Reports (Classic Reports) – ON by default
  • PRO – moved the two sub-options under Export Reports CSV related to Auto-Export CSV and PDFs when opening group favorites to Accountant PRO, under Enable Group Favorites, it just makes more sense to have those there
  • PRO – made some fixes to make sure the Copy Rows feature works correctly in expense transactions that were created from bank feeds

VERSION 1.016.6 (10/16/2023)

  • FREE – Larger Bolder Numbers in Modern Invoices (in Accessibility)Makes the font more legible for the new estimates and invoices.
  • PRO – Reworked the Experimental/Beta PRO feature: Bulk Change Customer/Project in Lines to be more stable with the new screens, it now opens 3 tabs and batches transactions in all 3 simultaneously

VERSION 1.016.3 (10/09/2023)

  • FREE – Moved all Reports PRO features to Classic Reports (FREE features), also moved toggles from QBO User experience: Default Print Reports to Landscape, Customer P&L Link, and Auto Switch to Classic View into this Classic Reports settings
  • FREE – New in Classic Reports: Audit Log Transaction Date Filter adds a date range where you can filter the displayed transactions by Transaction Date
  • PRO – New Experimental feature: Paste Transaction Details (Modernized Screens): only works with new screens, but allows you to paste line items similar to journal entry copy/paste feature.
  • FREE – Fixed Copy Memo from Bills to Bill Payment in new Bills/Expense Screens
  • PRO – Added Find and Replace / Copy Down and Copy Rows for new Bills and Expense Screens
  • PRO – Added Find and Replace and the Copy Down functionality to the New Invoice and Estimate Experience (Duplicate Rows and Sales Item lock, still doesn’t work on this screen)
  • PRO – Added headers to Paste from Excel in Journal Entries preview screen and Added an Export all Lists button in the same screen
  • PRO Fixed Mark as Done feature
  • PRO – Improved the workflow for Experimental PRO feature: Change/Reverse Transactions (currently does not work with new Bills/Expense Screens)

VERSION 1.015.15 (09/17/23)

  • FIXED BUG – The CSV log that gets exported after deleting transactions in batch in the register, is now working properly.
  • FIXED BUG – The reclassify filter now shows the true number of transactions showing on the screen, not just “999 transactions”
  • FIXED BUG – Some features were not working in some versions of the Reconciliation screen; they have been fixed now
  • FIXED BUG – Line-item descriptions when using the COPY BANK TEXT TO MEMO in transactions was doubling the appended memo, this has been fixed
  • FIXED BUG – When using the Quick Create Vendor feature, the “&” symbol was being ignored, this has been fixed now
  • FIXED BUG – Causing batch delete in the register to act up
  • IMPROVED – Whenever converting an Expense to a Bill; the fields for Memo and Ref Number now copy as well, and Attachments get transferred.

VERSION 1.015.12 (09/13/23)

  • UPDATED all Modernized Reports and added: Pending Bill Approvals advanced report and Fixed asset list advanced report to the favorites/reports database
  • NEW – Quick link to the QBO Sample File (RightTool Extension Menu) accessible when the pinned icon is clicked.
  • NEW – Buttons to turn OFF all features, turn default features back on, and a link to al the current activated features (in the HELP Settings)
  • Improvement in Bank Memo Copy In Transactions (Error Correction): added an option to Append instead of prepend to an existing memo and another option to also copy that memo into the line’s description
  • NEW – Expand Account Drop down menus: so you can actually see the full account name and the parent account name as well.  FREE Feature, defaulted on (un-toggable) as part of RightTool
  • Improvement in Rule Creation Workflow (Error Correction)added rule names sub-options automatically from bank description or payee name
  • Improvement in Preset Date (REPORTS PRO)modify the report date range to this date with a special option called “Rolling X Months”
  • Improvement in Batch Delete in Register (BATCH PRO): log file that exports now includes bank account name as a new column
  • Improvement in Reclassify Page Extra Filters (BATCH PRO): Added count of the total number of visible transactions.
  • Improvement in Preset Date (REPORTS PRO)modify the report date range to this date with a special option called “Rolling X Months”
  • Improvement in Bank Rule Page Enhancements (BANK FEEDS PRO): added another filter by user that created the rule
  • Improvement in Reversing Transaction Options (EXPERIMENTS PRO): renamed to Reverse/Change Transaction Type, and added converting Expense into a Bill
  • NEW in Reports Preset (REPORTS PRO) Column Preset for Summary Reports: such as Monthly, Yearly, by Customer, by Class, by Location, etc.
  • NEW – Quick Create Payee (BANK FEEDS PRO): ability to quickly create a new vendor based on the selected text in the MEMO.  Shortcut SHIFT = triggers this action.  All colons “:” in the text are removed from payee name automatically to avoid errors
  • NEW – Copy Downloaded Bank Text into Memo (BANK FEEDS PRO): whenever QuickBooks does not copy the downloaded to the bank text into the transaction or you delete/modify by mistake, you can click on it and it gets fixed.  With an option to auto-fix the bank memo in the bank feeds automatically.
  • NEW – Copy Button in Transactions (EXPERIMENTS PRO): ability to duplicate most transactions (Expenses, Checks, Sales Receipts, and Journal Entries) from the Register window.   Customer Payments, Bill Payments, Cash Purchases, CC Credit, Refund, and Deposits are not supported at the moment.
  • NEW – Copy Down & Copy Rows (BATCH PRO): replaces old “Copy Down” and adds the ability to duplicate lines/rows in transactions
  • NEW – Preset Filter in Register (REGISTER PRO): a new button called “Show Unreconciled Only” does the following: 1) Filters transactions up to the last reconciled Date, 2) Only shows uncleared transactions, 3) Sorts in descending order… in the Register screen, effectively only showing uncleared transactions up to the last reconciled date.  Also added a “Back to the top” link to scroll the register up
  • NEW – Reconcile progress button (RECONCILE PRO): with this button, you can see a total count of cleared transactions, uncleared transactions, and totals from uncleared transactions (positive and negatives) to determine the impact of uncleared transactions

VERSION 1.014.9 (08/17/2023)

  • Improvement –Reversing Transaction Options (Experiments PRO): now copies QTY and Amount into description when voiding a bill.  Also fixed issue where sales tax / VAT was not zeroing out in Canadian version
  • NEW (Batch PRO) – Batch Delete Recurring Transactions :Adds buttons that allow you to batch delete recurring transactions

VERSION 1.014.6 (08/09/2023)

  • FREE – (NEW) Links added: Modernized View” P&L Report (Beta) & Fixed Asset Manager (QBO Advanced)
  • FREE – (NEW) Searchable Settings: search in setting name or description.
  • FREE – (IMPROVED) Void Memo Automation: Customize “user’s name”
  • FREE – (IMPROVED) Rule Creation Workflow Improvements: Auto Add Bank Text to new Rule Name
  • FREE – (NEW) Chart of Accounts persistent NEW button: even when scrolled down
  • FREE – (NEW) Auto-switch reports to “Classic View”
  • FREE – (NEW) Google Memo: while in bank feeds open new window for google search
  • PRO – (MOVED) SCRIPTS has been moved to Accountant PRO
  • PRO – (IMPROVED) Batch Edit in Register: ability to Append/Prepend in Memo
  • PRO – (New Setting Category): “AI PRO (BETA)” – Report Analysis AI moved in here
  • PRO – (NEW) Bank Categorization AI: Ask ChatGPT in Bank Feeds (with fully customizable prompts)
  • PRO – (NEW) Search Amount in Reconcile Screen: with wildcard(*) search
  • PRO – (NEW) Reclassify Transactions Page new filters: Amount & Memo

VERSION 1.013.11 (07/19/2023)

  • FIXED – in Cursor Defaults Payee in New Transactions, in QBO User Experience (FREE)works when creation ew transactions from scratch AND when using Save and New workflow
  • IMPROVED – Rule Creation Workflow in Error Correction (FREE), has now been fixed and should be fully operational, also changed the text/description of the settings to make it more understandable
  • IMPROVED – in Batch Edit in Register, in Bank Feed PRO, you can now choose if you want to append or prepend changes made to transactions memos in batch (and leave the current memo data intact)
  • IMPROVED – in Bank Rules Enhancements, in Bank Feed PRO, you now have an additional rules filter called “errors only” that allow you to just see those bank rules that have an error, so you can focus on fixing those
  • PRO – Restrict Credit Card Payments Transactions in Bank Feed PRO, allows you to prevent user from creating a CC Payment transaction from bank feeds, they are forced to use Categorized or Match
  • FREE – Custom Name Automation, when used in conjunction with the “Void Memo Automation” feature inside Error Correction (FREE), you can now create a custom name to automatically enter in the memo from a voided transaction (instead of using QBO login email
  • MISC – Fixed multiple reported bugs

VERSION 1.013.4 (06/25/2023)

  • FIXED – Changed the “Copy Down” Symbol: It is still a down arrow – just different because Apple didn’t like our old symbol.
  • FREE – “Jump To Last” Button added to Reports: in QBO User Experience, allows you to get back to the last line you clicked on prior to the report resetting/reloading on the top
  • FREE – Save Button In All Transactions: in QBO User Experience – This already partially existed, we just made a new feature for it and expanded its use.
  • PRO – Batch Change Customer/Project In Lines: in Beta PRO (Off by default), you will now see a link in the “Reclassify” page that will take you to a special transaction detail report. From there you will be able to batch edit customer/projects on a line level (excluding all sales transactions: Invoices, Sales Receipts, and Deposits).
  • PRO – JE Clean Up Button: Accountant PRO – Creates a button in Journal Entries that clears out any rows with a zero/blank value for the debits and credits except for the very first row.

VERSION 1.012.22 (06/15/2023)

  • FREE (no toggle feature) – Check Screen Has a Save Button: Fixed “Save” Button available on checks, so not stuck with Save and New or Save and Close Only.
  • FREE Tab Management – Transaction Journal New Tab: Similar to “Audit Log New Tab” except weirdly much more annoying for me to deal with. Note that once you click this once the button resets and if you click it again it will work the same way as before.
  • FREE QBO User Experience – Cursor Defaults Payee in New Transactions: When turned on, any time you create a new transaction the cursor will go straight to the payee. Allowing you to get straight to typing.
  • FREE – FIX for certain versions of QBO where the sidebar would cover up the screen instead of push it for some users. 
  • PRO – FIX Improvement to Copy Deposit & Importing Journal Entries: You no longer need to save to see what is in the name fields when importing journals or copying Deposits! 
  • Accountant PRO – Transaction Customer/Vendor Detail Link: a payee details button underneath the payee when looking at a transaction’s details. 
  • Bank Feed PRO – Automatic Extended Matching Date Range: By default the date range when doing an “Advanced Match” in the bank feed will now be a year long. There is also an input underneath this feature that lets you control the number of months the date can go back. (Max 12).
  • Deposit PRO Renamed “Deposit Copy” into Additional Deposit Buttons: and also added a “Save” Button: No more being forced to only  “Save and Close” or “Save and New”

VERSION 1.012.20 (06/09/2023)

  • FREE – Improved Rule Creation workflow: in Error Prevention, consolidates “Bank Rules must have payee” and “New Bank Rules default to Bank Text” into this setting as a sub-option, plus added 3 more: Disable Auto-Add, Do Not Add Memo to Transaction-based Rule, and Transaction-based Rules Default ‘All Bank Accounts’
  • FREE – Customer P&L Link: in QBO User Experience, creates a link in the Customer Detail Page that takes you to a profit and loss filtered to that customer.

VERSION 1.012.19 (06/05/2023)

  • FREE – Copy Deposit Button: In QBO User Experience – Adds a copy button to the deposit page. This will essentially click “Save And New” and then fill in every field except for tags.  (Note: This will be moved to a PRO feature soon, having some free users testing it!(
  • FREE – Default Print PDF’s in Landscape: In QBO User Experience (Defaults off) – Auto clicks on “Landscape” when you are printing a PDF in QBO.
  • Batch PRO – Find And Replace in Transaction Descriptions: You will now notice what looks like a magnifying class at the top of most transactions. You can use this to batch replace text inside of the descriptions and memo of a transaction. Excellent for replacing month values. 
  • Reconcile PRO – Highlight Edited Transactions:This adds a button in the reconcile page that will highlight transactions that have been edited at least one time. Useful if you’re reconciliation isn’t quite matching because someone changed a transaction on you.
  • BETA PRO – Bulk Edit Bank Accounts in register: Allows you to edit the “Deposit To” accounts of Sales Receipts and Receive Payments. This was incredibly tricky. This is in Beta for a reason, so it isn’t exactly for everyone yet. 

VERSION 1.012.7 (05/03/2023)

  • FREE – Bank Memo Copy In Transactions (Error Prevention) – Show the original downloaded bank memo on transactions even if the memo was edited or changed by user (or bank feed rules with errors)
  • FREE – Auto-print reconciliation reports after finishing a reconciliation
  • Batch PRO: Ability to BATCH EDIT multiple transactions from the Register
  • Batch PRO: Copy Down feature that allows you to copy a particular field (dropdown or text) down to every row. Imagine assigning the same class or customer:project to 20+ lines in a journal entry or bill
  • Batch PRO: Bulk Delete Transactions from the Vendor/Customer Detail screen.
  • Batch PRO: Ability to quickly zero-out all inventory items via Inventory QTY Adjustment
  • Batch PRO: Ability to add your own favorite Javascripts in bookmarklet format inside RightTool
  • Reports PRO: Added “Last Quarter” to the report date presets
  • Beta PRO: Integrate ChatGPT into Reports to create quick summaries or narratives based on the results of the report and inject them to report’s footnotes
  • Batch PRO: Speed-up batch deleting in Register and auto-creating a log file of batch deleted transactions

VERSION 1.011.6 (04/07/2023)

  • PRO Fixed an issue with Link To Payee History that was not working for some users
  • PRO In Export Reports to CSV, added an “easter egg” style feature that also allows you to just copy a report to the clipboard so you can paste with ease into your spreadsheet software or even ChatGPT!
  • In Larger Drawer for Accounts and Bank Rules, the category dropdown in a new Bank Rule has been expanded to the take the space for the whole drawer

VERSION 1.011.5 (04/01/2023)

  • FREE Added a new Setting Category called: “Error Prevention” and w existing free features were moved to this area: Restrict Transfers  and Void Memo Automation
  • FREE Feature inside “Error Prevention” settings is called Show Journal Normal Balances and it shows with arrows the normal debit/credit balances inside a Journal Entry based on the account type to act as a “cheat sheet” for the users that might know know their debits and credits well
  • FREE Feature inside “Error Prevention” settings is called Rules Must Have Payees and it forces the user to have a Payee selected prior to creating a new rule.
  • FREE Feature inside “Accessibility” Settings called Larger Drawer for Accounts and Bank Rules which essentially make the right drawers that open when creating a rule or a new account (under the new experience) larger so you have more apace to work on
  • FREE Added several new “Modernized View” reports that QBO made available last month
  • FREE Added a new default/untogglabe feature called Bank Text in new Bank Rules  which forces every new rule being created to start with the Bank Text rather than Description as the default condition
  • FREE Added to the current “Back to Banking from Reconcile/Register” feature, a new link on top of the Reconcile page to go straight to reconciliaton history reports and statement attachments
  • FREE Whenever speech to text dictation is on while CAPS LOCK are on, all text will be UPPER CASE!
  • Register PRO: Added a new feature called Link To Payee History which adds a link under each transaction with a customer or vendor as payee to take you straight into that customer/vendor detail page where you can see past transactions with that same payee

VERSION 1.010.9 (03/26/23)

  • Several minor fixes to reported issues
  • In Auto-close Popups: it will now skip the popup in the register page that says “This transaction was downloaded from the bank feed. Are you sure you want to edit it”
  • Bank Feed PRO: Added a sub-setting under “Untransfer” to include paired transactions under this batching function, which is not on by default
  • Bank Feed PRO: Under Bank Rule Page Enhancements, now when you click on “Show All rules” the Account Filter resets to All as well

VERSION 1.010.6 (03/02/2023)

  • Help Menu: new ability to Import/Export Settings/Favorites across computers, chrome profiles, users, etc.
  • Reports PRO Added YTD to the P&L Report Preset options
  • Reports PRO Added Auto Export PDFs When Opening Group Favorites as a subsetting to Export Reports to CSV to automatrically create a PDF when a report is included inside the Group Favorites and batched.
  • Deposits PRO Added a new feature called Filter Deposits By Start Date that essentially hides all the deposits before the entered start date (and displays ALL the payments/undeposited funds up to 5,000 lines
  • Bank Feed PRO Added a new feature called Categorize Transactions Show All and Rule Filter that shows all the transactions that have been categorized (beyond the 300 line limit) and adds a dropdown filter by Rule Name (included Suggested Rules and Deleted Rules)
  • Bank Feed PRO Added a new feature called Bank Rule Page Enhancements that can 1) Show All Rules (beyond the 300 line limit), 2) filter to only show rules Without Payee, 3) only show rules that are Auto-added, and 4) Filter Rules by Accountant Type… to make it easier to modify in batch.
  • Accountant PRO added to Shift-click all lists the ability to Shift-Click in Bank Rules as well.

VERSION 1.009.8 (02/25/23)

  • RightTool Pro Web Portal now allows you to use your Intuit ID (SSO) to connect your RightTool Pro account!
  • Added a setting to Warning Prior to Switching Companies to avoid closing all the tabs inadvertently if you mis-click in  a link to switch companies (Tab Management)
  • Added The Item Lock feature to Estimates, Credit Memos, and Sales receipts.  The new combined feature is called Sales Transaction Item Lock (QBO User Experience)
  • Combined the toggle to  Jump to Location to include it in Chart of Accounts, Customer Detail Screen, Vendor Detail Screen, and Receipt Screen  (QBO User Experience) – (Removed separate setting in Accounting PRO)
  • Added a feature within Enhanced Report Drill Down for Transaction reports to auto-scroll back to where you where when a reports refresh is triggered (Tab Management)
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to trigger the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons in screens like the Chart of Accounts
  • Reconcile PRO Added ability to “shift-click” multiple transactions in the reconciliation screen in bulk working
  • Accountant PRO added Shift-click capabilities in all lists to select multiple items in batch within: Reclassify Transactions screen, Receive Payments, Bank Feed Matching, and Deposit Screen using SHIFT while clicking. (Removed separate setting in Deposit PRO)
  • Accountant PRO added Show All Pages & Account Type Filter in Chart of Accounts which allows you to see ALL of your accounts in a single screen (overrides the 300 limit) and also you can hide/filter all accounts except a specified type.

VERSION 1.008.2 (02/20/23)

  • Added a few “Hidden Reports”: Adjusting Journal Entries, Sales List Report, Net Income Summary by Tag Type, Money In/Out Summary by Tag Type, Adjusted Trial Balance, Transaction Detail by Date, Unaccepted bank transactions, Vendor Transaction List, and Customer Transaction List
  • Reports PRO Auto-Export CSV on Reports launched from Group Favorites allows you to open multiple reports in one click and automatically download them as CSV into your computer when opened as a Favorite Group (required Group Favorites to be enabled as well)
  • Accountant PRO Shift-Click in Reclassify Screen allows you to use SHIFT to click on a box under the last box you clicked into and select all the boxes in between in batch
  • Deposit PRO Shift-Click in Deposit Screen allows you to use SHIFT to click on a box under the last payment transaction you clicked into and select all the boxes in between in batch
  • Banking PRO Payee History Link adds a link under the Payee name that can open a history (default to all dates) of every transaction that had contained that payee in the past
  • Reports PRO Fixed Printable Note and Internal Footnotes two separate boxes so you can have different texts in there

VERSION 1.007 (02/07/2023)

  • Fixed Bug where Copy Excel to Journal Entry would freeze for some users
  • Fixed Bug when refresh all tabs on close updates report-related URL’s to remove company name, to avoid issues where the old company name would show on the new reports in the switched company
  • Fixed Bug where “Save and New” caused the “Hide Payments” Button to go away in Deposit Screen
  • Expanded the Name box in the Recurring Template scree
  • Changed the terminology from “RightTool Return” to “Jump to Last” for the buttons in COA, Receipts, Vendors, and Customers
  • Added a button to Refresh All Tabs in “Manage Tabs”
  • Changed the behavior of “Report Presets” when toggling off  hides the preset options to make the screen a little less overwhelming
  • Register PRO Batch Delete now works on A/P and A/R Registers!
  • Reports PRO Export to CSV working on detail reports as well and the remove headers option to give you a clean export
  • Accountant PRO Jump to Receipt: allows you to jump back (scroll) back to where you last where when accepting receipts in Banking
  • Accountant PRO Mark All Done Button – allows you to quickly mark as “Done/Completed” all the tasks in the Books Review screen

VERSION 1.006 (01/27/2023)

  • RECONCILE PRO Added Delete from Reconcile Button: adds a link to quickly delete transactions.  The Auto Confirm Delete sub-setting allows RT to automatically accept the “are you sure?” warnings
  • RECONCILE PRO Added Void from Reconcile Button: adds a link to quickly trigger a VOID on transactions that allow it.
  • RECONCILE PRO Added Delete & Void From Reconcile Buttons: adds Keyboard shortcuts CTRL SHIFT V (Void), CTRL SHIFT D (Delete), CTRL SHIFT \ (Delete with Auto-Confirm)
  • RECONCILE PRO: Separated the Enhanced New Transactions button and Export Reconcile Table CSV as two separate toggles
  • REPORT PRO Added sub-setting under Export Reports to CSV to Remove Report Header
  • REPORT PRO Added a label for the Report Preset for Negative Reds to indicate that it does not work in Simple Start, this is a QBO limitation.  Also added multiple labels to Report Presents that only work in Summary Reports, to avoid expectation for those to work in detail reports
  • Added a new feature Vendor/Customer Jump to Location that allows you to get back to your place in the scroll when you click on a transaction to inspect or modify from the Vendor detail and Customer detail screen
  • Added a sub-setting under Print Journal Entries to print in landscape and include Customer, Location, and Class columns as well
  • Clicking on FREE or PRO on the Settings menu now takes you to the RightToolPro.com web portal

VERSION 1.005 (01/23/2023)

  • Fixed a bug that created issues when using the Copy to Journal Entry feature, should be more stable now
  • All features now have a video mini-tutorial for reference in the spreadsheet
  • Rework behind the scenes of RightTool’s code to improve performance
  • Ability to completely disable RightTool’s navigation bar from the pinned extension icon for the purposes of speed troubleshooting.  But keeping active all features turned on (not related to navigation bar)

VERSION 1.004.2 (01/20/2023)

  • Added an option to “Show Footnote on Printed Documents” for reports preset to duplicate the footnote in the printable are of report notes
  • Added direct link to Revenue Recognition (Beta) report (QBO Advanced Only = Custom Report Builder)
  • Expanded the size of the submenu for shortcuts and reports by about 20% to reduce the number of double lined links in the list
  • Added shortcuts, for accountants only; CTRL SHIFT K takes to back the client list of your QBO Accountant account

VERSION 1.003.2 (01/18/23)

  • Added some significant performance updates to address slow page loading and response time
  • Added 3 new default favorite links to the Favorites section: 8. Chart of Accounts, 9. Item List, and 10. Reclassify Transactions, totaling 10 default favorites (only relevant for new installations of RightTool)
  • Added CTRL SHIFT Y keyboard shortcut to trigger a “Run Report” in all open tabs with reports, effectively refreshing all reports in one click
  • Added “Remove Ads” Link on top of ads for FREE users, links to the PRO purchase page
  • New shortcut (custom report) “Expense by Vendor Detail”
  • Added a new feature Include Deposits in Customer Detail, automatically chooses the ‘All Transactions Plus Deposits’ filter while in the customer details screen
  • Added all the transaction types to the New Recurring… shortcut list

VERSION 1.002 (01/15/2023)

  • Upon release and update, all PRO features will be disabled until PRO user logs into RightToolPro web portal to authorize pro users. RightTool Pro officially goes on sale for $50/month for the main/admin user and $15/month for additional firm users
  • Major Re-design of settings menu, organized by category, added an (i) icon to see full description and video tutorial for each feature (if available).  Also all the sub-options of modifiers to a parent setting the are dependent of, are now directly under its main setting.  And you can turn off/on ALL settings at the category level.
  • New Accessibility category in the settings houses: RightTool side bar size and font size modifiers, keyboard shortcuts, dictation, color, etc.  This is our launching pad for a slew of accessibility related features we will be releasing through the year
  • Back to Banking link added to both register and reconcile screens to go into Bank Feeds, and enhanced to go into the specific banking account via direct URL
  • Refresh Tabs on Company Change is now always on (no toggle for off), EXCEPT WHEN IN INCOGNITO MODE.  Can be overridden via Close Tabs on Company Change toggle.
  • RT Universal Search bar is now always on (no toggle for off) as this feature is too popular/fundamental to the navigation of RT to even have off
  • CTRL ENTER while in the RT universal search will trigger the old search screen in QuickBooks so you can search for amounts or text in line descriptions inside line item details or journal entries (as the new search is a bit limited)
  • CTRL SHIFT B now triggers the update button while in Bank Feeds
  • BANKING PRO Auto-Update Bank Feed automatically triggers a bank feed update once per login whenever you enter Bank Feeds screen
  • RECONCILE PRO Reconciled Transaction Indicator  shows a “(Reconciled)” flag next to the transaction type header while looking at a saved transactions that has already been reconciled.  Also this Reconcile flag is a hyperlink to an improved version of the Transaction. Journal with CLR column enabled, so you can see which account is reconciled when looking at a Transfer, Credit Card Payment, or Journal Entry (which can contain more than 1 reconcilable account)

BETA v. (01/08/2023)

  • ACCOUNTANT PRO Enable Group Favorites: ability to create folders (groups) for custom favorites that can be launched all at the same time with a single button, these are searchable as as well. New Shortcuts CTRL SHIFT 1 to 9 open the first 9 Favorite Groups.  New Shortcut CTRL SHIFT 0 opens Group Favorites section inside RightTool navbar
  • REGISTER PRO Default Year Autofill in Register: allows you to change the autofill year when typing a date field in the register, essentially changing the default “current year” autofill.
  • Added  Recent Transactions Shortcuts Links & Recurring Transactions by Type to ALL SHORTCUTS database
  • Added Canadian Version Report Linksfor our canadian users, if you search “(CA)” in the RT search, you can see them all  
  • Removed Company-specific custom favorites, as this has been replaced by Group Favorites
  • Added Microphone Icon link to trigger dictation in RT search for people that do not want to use Keyboard shortcut
  • Replaced CTRL ALT < shortcut  to now toggle between ALL SHORTCUTS and ALL REPORTS sections inside RightTool navbar
  • New Shortcut CTRL SHIFT < (or OPTON SHIFT < on Mac) now opens Advanced Settings
  • New Shortcut CTRL SHIFT X performs hard refresh to tab to clear cache and cookies

BETA v. (01/01/2023)

  • Added an “X” icon inside the RT search box, that allows you to clear the text that is typed in there
  • Added Speech-To-Text to RT Search box via the CTRL SPACE shortcut.  You can dictate what you want searched via voice.  Also if you say “go” at the end of your dictation, it will run the first result from the search
  • Added Speech-To-Text to any Text or Dropdown via the CTRL SHIFT A shortcut.  You can dictate what you want typed via voice.
  • Added Monochrome Color Scheme: to turn most of the Red text added by RightTool to black text

BETA v. (12/16/2022)

  • Improved Match Tab Names for Registers and Reconciliations to contain actual account being worked on inside the tab title’s name; also working inside the manage tabs section!
  • PRO Improved Sub-Rows button to cycle through Fully Collapsed, Partial Collpase (1 level), and fully Expanded.
  • PRO Added Previous Period % Change on P&L to report preset
  • PRO Added Previous Period $ Change on BS to report preset
  • PRO Added QBO Collapse to report preset for summary reports
  • PRO Added Sort by Total Descending to report preset for summary reports
  • PRO Added Export Report to CSV to be able to export the exact data being displayed in a report as a flat-ish CSV file for summary reports only.  Also if a row/column is collapsed using RightTool features, those will be mimicked in the CSV export!

BETA v. (12/07/2022)

  • REDESIGNED the Settings Menu, its now opened as a new TAB in your browser, instead of a “pop-up”.   You also have the ability to Turn all the features off and on with a single click for both FREE and PRO editions.  Additionally, you will see your IntuitID displayed in the setting menu, to make it easy to read for support purposes, once we move to the PRO/PAID model.
  • Moved Display Text Under Bank Feeds Cards as a FREE feature under “RT/QBO UI Settings”
  • Moved Export Journal to CSV as a FREE feature under “RT/QBO UI Settings”
  • Added CTRL+SHIFT+P as a shortcut to enable bill/journal entry print.
  • Added Restrict Transfers to prevent the user from being able to create transfers from Bank Feeds
  • Moved COMPANY SWITCH as a (PRO) feature under the Accountant PRO group
  • (PRO) Added two additional Report Presets: Date Preset and Footnote Preset

BETA v. (12/01/2022)

  • Added Copy Memo to Bill Payment: when clicking “Mark as Paid” from the Bill
  • Added Extended Print: allowing user to print Journal Entries and print Bills
  • Added Invoice & Sales Receipt Item Lock: allowing you to swap an existing item in an invoice or sales receipt without losing description, item qty, and/or amount

BETA v. (11/24/2022)

  • (PRO) added COPY EXCEL TO JOURNAL allows you to “paste” a single journal entry from excel (by copying the cells that are in the exact order in the spreadsheet as in the Journal Screen into QuickBooks (these took several weeks to engineer and test, we think is working at 99%)
    NOTE: We recommend you use the “Export to CSV” option to create a template
  • (PRO) Added an advanced option separate the account number from the account:sub-account name when exporting a journal entry
  • Added an advanced option to override default settings, such as turning off CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW shortcuts while keyboard shortcuts are on
  • Removed the setting DRILL DOWN OPTIONAL NEW TAB that allows you to rightclick in a report link and be able to open the drill own on a new tab or window,BUT the functionality is default built-in RightTool, no need to turn it on or off
  • Improved Reports Preset functionality to add stability

BETA v. (11/23/2022)

  • (PRO) added NEW TRANSACTIONS feature in Bank Feeds window, but it will open in new tab and auto-close on exit!
  • (PRO) Improved NEW TRANSACTIONS feature in Reconcile window where new transactions (Check, Deposit, Expense, Credit Card Credit, Journal) to open in same tab so when closed, you get back to refreshed version of reconcile
  • (PRO) Improved OPEN TRANSACTION IN A NEW TAB setting in Deposit Window, to auto-close a drilled down transaction  once user clicks on Save and Close or X
  • (PRO) Improved HIDE SUB-COLUMNS so it also works in Budget Reports 
  • (PRO) added DELETE & UNRECONCILE SHORTCUTS in Register triggered by CTRL SHIFT \ to delete selected transaction and CTRL SHIFT U to remove the “R” from reconciled transactions in the register
  • (PRO) added BATCH DELETE & UNRECONCILE SHORTCUTS allows you to select multiple transactions to batch delete or un-reconcile at one time, also up and down arrow selects and unselects transactions up and down the list.  Shift-click also works here as well
  • Added ENHANCED TRANSACTION ESC setting that makes sure that any of your transactions (Invoices, Sales Receipts, Bills, etc…) do close when ESC is pressed at least twice
  • Added VOID MEMO AUTOMATION to append the original dollar amount user, and date of transaction to the memo when voiding
  • Added CTRL SHIFT V to trigger the VOID (with Memo Automation if turned on)
  • Added CTRL SHIFT D to trigger a Delete command in any transaction with a MORE->DELETE workflow
  • Added CTRL SHIFT \ to trigger a Delete command in a transaction AND skip the confirmation boxes in any transaction with a MORE->DELETE
  • Added CTRL SHIFT B to go back to Reports screen when you are inside a specific report
  • Added CTRL SHIFT S to open RightTool Settings popup
  • Added DRILL DOWN OPTIONAL NEW TAB allows you to rightclick in a report link and be able to open the drill own on a new tab or window
  • Added Link for Project Cost Estimate… feature in QBO Advanced and two hidden reports: “Estimates vs. Actuals – Payroll Costs Method…” and “”Estimates vs. Actuals – Hourly Costs Method…”
  • Improved REPORTS ENHANCED DRILLDOWN (Formerly “Report Drill  Opens in New Tab” & Transaction Drill Tab Close now both consolidated into this feature) to also add an RUN Trigger when the drilled down transaction is auto closed, to refresh the previous report
  • Improved overall link structure of shorcuts to exclude “https://qbo.intuit.com/” from the URL to avoid new transactions from opening as a refreshed screen (allowing the natureal QBO trowser overlay yo work with transactions)

BETA v. (11/06/22)

  • (PRO) Improved Report presetting with the  Report Presets button on reports, instead of the previous “double loading” feature that was creating some errors while editing reports.  CTRL SHIFT E runs the Preset in reports
  • (PRO) New Feature: “COA Jump To Location”: it returns you back to your last clicked spot in the Chart of Accounts. This was ported from Monkbe.
  • (PRO) Improved Red (Parenthesis) feature in bank feeds to now show the parent:sub path in red right under the account box
  • (PRO) Improved speed on  bank feed descriptions and untransfers
  • Improved RT loading to make it faster to open when you first log in
  • New Feature: Auto close drill down tab for on reports and deposit drill downs. It’s now a default feature – feedback from user

BETA v. (11/01/2022)

  • (PRO) New Feature in Bank Feeds: Hide Transfers, temporaily hides any transaction that QuickBooks classifies as “Transfer” so you can concetrate on working on the non-transfers transactions separately.
  • (PRO) Improved: Sub-Column buttons so only appear when they can do anything
  • Improved the issue where reports sometimes show up as “undefined”
  • Fixed Bug when drilldown reports were opening in both a new tab and the main screen.
  • Adding the pop-up for disclosure on items that RightTool may track, such as user’s email (based on Intuit  ID)

BETA v. (10/30/2022)

  • (PRO) Bank Feeds new feature: Untransfer makes all the transactions in current screen change from “Transfer” to “Categorize” with exception of Paired Transactions
  • (PRO) Improved Show/Hide Undeposited Funds to show the footer section when hidden plus added counter for the number of selected deposits on the footer
  • Renamed the Setting “Audit Loop Escape” to “Audit Log Opens In New Tab” to make it a little more explicit
  • Improved RightTool loading time by 20%. Makes it pop up faster on normal screens and a loads reports a bit faster al well

BETA v. (10/26/2022)

  • (PRO) New Feature: Added report option “Always Cash Basis”
  • (PRO) New Feature:: Added report option “Always Non-Zero Rows & Cols”
  • New Feature: “Auto Close Popups” – New Default setting that… closes pop-ups on Register, Reconcile, and CoA Pages
  • New Feature: Clicking your QBO version now opens company settings
  • New Feature: Clicking the release version opens the release notes

BETA v. (10/25/2022)

  • (PRO) Improved Hide Subcolumn function: Budgets now work with “>< Columns” – feedback from user
  • (PRO) New feature added to  Hide Subcolumn fucntion: “>< Parent-Columns” shows all the sub-classes (locations or customers) and hides he parent total – feedback from user
  • Improved Company Switch section now bolds the last client you clicked on. – feedback from user
  • Improved search, the shortcuts are now sorted by length and removed duplicate links. And  you can now use the arrows to scroll through the shortcuts. – feedback from user

BETA. v. (10/24/2022)

  •  (PRO) New setting: Hide Subcolumn Button – which enables the “><Sub-columns” button in reports. Turned on by default.
  •  (PRO) New Setting: Undeposited Funds Drill Down  which creates a new tab when users click on any transaction in the undeposited funds list inside Deposit as a new tab – feedback from user
  •  (PRO) Improved Bank Feeds Descriptions setting: to display both Bank Details and Bank Description works in both modes: When the “show bank details” checkbox is on or off. 
  •  (PRO) Improved  Hide Sub-Rows Button setting to add the feature to Close Group-Rows on the Customized Reports Screen.  Also Improved to the speed of the “><Sub-Rows” button in reports and made it hidden while the function is running (to prevent double-clicking confusion
  •  (PRO) Added Sales Receipts and Journal Entry as a quick link n Reconciliations screen, under the setting:  Report Tools – feedback from user
  • New Setting: Refresh Tabs On company Change  sends a refresh to all open tabs while switching  companies to avoid the dreaded “gray screen”
  • New shortcut: CTRL SHIFT G – opens the client menu up top while logged in as an accountant (you can type the client’s name or tab/ enter through your selection)
  • New Shortcut: CTRL SHIFT U – Opens the Customization menu while in a Report
  • New Shortcut: CTRL SHIFT R – Triggers Run Report while in a Report – feedback from user
  • New Shortcut: CTRL SHIFT E – Opens the +Expense Menu (+Deposit, +Check, + Journal Entry + Sales Receipt) while in Reconciliations screen – feedback from user
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the cut-off + window when the left nav is closed, auto shifts to the right.
  • Bug Fix: Removed the setting to “Remove Left Navigation Bar” due to some bugs we are working out – feedback from user

BETA. v. (10/21/2022)

  • (PRO) Option to default most reports to show negatives as (RED). It does feel like it loads twice when reports are run, but is brief.
  • Added a setting to allow users to remove the left navigation bar completely.  But once removed, you can still click on the “hamburger icon” to open again
  • Moved the Feedback button to the top left side of settings.
  • Added a button (K) that takes people to the shortcuts page of the website
  • New Company Switch section to existing logged in company files into the list: White star = Normal Company Login, Yellow star = QBOA Client Login, and Green star = Firm Login
  • Changed “Open Tabs” to “Manage Tabs”

BETA v. (10/20/20222)

  • Moved the Feedback button to the left side inside settings.
  • Added a button (K) to  shortcuts page of the website – figure we can get fancier later.
  • Renamed “Firm Clients” to “Company  Switch” added a setting to enable/disable this feature, and color coded Companies to White Star = regular company, Yellow Star = firm client, and Green star = Accounting Firm (QBOA)
  • Changed “Open Tabs” to “Manage Tabs”

BETA v. (10/19/2022)

  • (PRO) Added ability to Export to CSV the transactions inside the Bank Reconciliation window.  Feature is enabled through Bank Reconciliation Tools

BETA v. (10/18/2022)

  • Added Enable Open Tabs as a setting toggle that can be turned off for users that just want to work with Shortcuts and Favorites in RightTool
  • Changed the “Firm Clients” setting to make sure that the client switching access is limited to clients wihtin firm logged into
  • Added a check box for “This Company Only” when creating favorites to limit specific favorite to that company file logged into
  • Added a small fix to the Month-End Review shortcut which is causing the start and end dates of the review period to reset.  Featured enabled via Save Book Review End Date setting

BETA v. (10/16/2022)

  • (PRO) Added Export to CSV to the Journal Entry screen. Feature is enabled via Journal – Export to CSV setting
  • “Ability to resize the width of RightTool up to 5 “notches” up or down
  • Ability to resize font used in RightTool up to 5 “notches” up or down
  • Added QBOA Clients section that allows you to add “Favorite Clients” to the list. NOTE: you be logged into the right QBOA Firm account for this to work properly. Feature is enabled via Enable Firm Cients setting
  • CTRL + SHIFT + Z now opens Accountant Notes and triggers the “+ Add Note” button

BETA v. (10/14/2022)

  • (PRO) Bank Feeds Memos are resizable and allows for multiple rows of data
  • Close All Button:  inside the OPEN TABS section, to close all the open tabs 
  • CTRL+SHIFT+UpArrow: Now opens all Favorites at the same time
  • CTRL+SHIFT+DownArrow: Now closes all the open tabs
  • CTRL+SHIFT+LeftArrow: open/closes QBO’s left navigation bar
  • CTRL+SHIFT+RightArrow: open/closes RightTool
  • Automatic update of RightTool is triggered every time Settings is open 
  • Fixed Bug with rotating box when login in (from user feedback)

BETA v. (10/13/2022)

  • Improved Search: Merged the functionality of the shortcut/reports search and the amount/text search, plus add custom favorites to the search process, instant search enables at the 3rd character typed in
  • New Setting “Rename tabs” to contain easier to read name for tabs, instead of just “QuickBooks” as most tabs are titled  (from user feedback)
  • Fixed Bug with overlapping multiple lines from bank feeds 

BETA 0.1.16 EST (10/12/2022)

  • (PRO)  Added Setting – Larger Category Box: Expanded Category/Account drop-down menu in Bank Feeds (from user feedback)
  • Move the Settings section to a button on the top icon bar
  • Added Text Search to the amount box

BETA (10/11/2022)

  • CTRL+SPACE now highlights the cursor on RightTool’s Amount 
  • Moved the Settings to a pop-up window
  • Enhance CTRL ALT + to also add a “Tab” keystroke to allow the user to navigate the NEW menu with arrow keys
  • Enhance CTRL ALT *  to also add a “Tab” keystroke to allow the user to navigate the SETTINGS menu with arrow keys
  • Add a Hard Refresh (CTRL F5) icon in RightTool’s icon bar (from user feedback)

BETA (10/09/2022)

  • (PRO) Added show any numbers or text inside parenthesis in RED under each of the bank account selector / information cards in the header in the Bank Feeds screen (from user feedback) 
  • Added CTRL ALT + keyboard shortcut to open the +New Menu on the RightTool left navigation bar
  •  Added CTRL ALT – keyboard shortcut to open the Settings Menu on the RightTool left navigation bar
  • Added Setting – Report Detail New Page: opens all drill down reports (clicked within a summary report) into new tab.  Keeps summary report, drilled down detail report, and transactions in separate tabs (from user feedback)

BETA (10/06/2022)

  • (PRO) Added Bank Feed button to Open/Close Grouped transactions in batch
  • (PRO) Bank Feeds Bank Detail text added as a second line to the Description on every row
  • Updated Keyboard Shortcuts table, including new shortcuts with ENTER and ARROWS, all available keys are now mapped as a shortcut.  Only keys not usable as CTRL+ALT shortcuts are: TAB, SPACE, DELETE, and Q.  Everything else has a keyboard shortcut!
  • Ability to Re-Sort Favorites via click and drag

BETA v.0.1.6 (10/04/2022)

  • (PRO) Added Settings – Condense Report Button: Button/link on reports to automatically condense all dropdowns called “Close Subs” or “Open Subs”. Current Bug: also hides the $ amounts, we are working on this
  • (PRO) Added Reconcile New Transaction Buttons: RightTool will add a +Expense, +Check, + Deposit, +CC Credit, or +Journal button inside the Reconciliation window to quickly access those new transactions when something is missing from your reconciliation; additionally RightTool will also pre-select the source account that is contextual to the reconciliation window you were using
  • Added CTRL+ALT+Keyboard Shortcuts: https://accountingprotools.com/righttool-keyboard-shortcut-list/
  • Added Settings – Auto-Close Tabs: on company change, all open tabs close but one, off by default. (from user feedback)
  • Added Settings – Audit Escape v2: that will automatically redirect correctly when someone presses the x from a transaction. – off by default (from user feedback)
  • Added Settings – Default Favorites:  that allows people to default the “Favorites” section on RightTool on page load, OPEN TABS is the default setting when this is off (from user feedback)
  • Added Custom Favorites: they will be marked with a gold star instead of the traditional white.  Nerdy Thing: “&Company_Name” attribute removed from URL, so it can be used with other company files

BETA v. (09/29/2022)

  • Free app with rotating advertisement every 5 minutes
  • Collapsable right Navigation Bar: that stays more or less the same size even when users zoom in and out of Google Chrome.  We made the tool a dark Navy Blue to resemble the default color of the navigation bar in QuickBooks Desktop 2014 to 2023 (for a little nostalgia)
  • “Plus” + button to imitate the “+New” Button on the left navigation bar
  • Gear/Cog icon to imitate the icon on the top-right of QuickBooks Online
  • Feedback button that sends to a Google Form for us to get your feedback
  • OPEN TABS: displays a list of all open Google Chrome tabs that are related to QuickBooks Online
  • “X” button next to each open tab that allows you to close those tabs within the RightTool
  • FAVORITES: displays a list of shortcuts the user can remove and add using the star icon for quick access.  The first 10 favorites (after the Home Page link) have a number to the left of them, to resemble the built-in keyboard shortcut we programmed to be combined with CTRL+ALT.  For example if you see ” 2. Bank Register” in the favorites, it means CTRL+ALT+2 will take you to that shortcut! – There is no limit to the number of favorites, but only the first 10 get a shortcut.  Note the “10th” one is a CTRL+ALT+0
  • ALL SHORTCUTS: contain a list of all the direct access to QBO features available via a determined URL, this is roughly 90% of QuickBooks, some things just cannot be accessed via a direct link, so they are not there.   
  • ALL REPORTS: List of all reports available in QBO across all subscriptions.  In addition, you will see access to a set of HIDDEN reports that QBO does not make it easily available, but we know the URL, so you can access them.  Plus some bonus reports Hector created that are very commonly used
    NOTE ON ALL SHORTCUTS/REPORTS: you will see some features end with a period “.” at the end, those are related to Essentials and higher subscriptions.  If it ends with two periods “..” those are QBO Plus and above.  If it ends with three periods “…” those are QBO Advanced only.  And, If it ends with four periods “….” those are only for QBO Accountants.  
  • All shortcuts and reports have the ability to be starred to be marked as “FAVORITES”
  • Settings – Amount Search: enables a search box on the top for you to just search an amount using the new enhanced search feature, we did not bother with the “old” search
  • Settings – Shortcuts Search bar: enables a search box on the bottom of ALL SHORTCUTS/REPORTS to allow the user to search within the shortcuts and reports
  • Settings – Large/Bold: setting to make the text inside RightTool larger or easier to read
  • Settings – Same Page shortcuts: by default, RightTool opens all links in a NEW tab, if this setting is turned on, then links will be opened in the current page you are looking at
  • Settings – Keep left navigation bar closed: RightTool will attempt to collapse/close the left navigation bar at all times while this is on
  • Settings – Deposit Buttons: RightTool will add a big red button to let you show/hide undeposited funds from the New deposit window
  • Open All Favorites button to create a new tab for every link in the favorites.  
  •  QBO Version/Subscription indicator at the top of the screen.