Why am I seeing ads within RightTool?

RightTool will have two versions:

  • FREE Edition: is ad supported and has all basic functionality (ads cannot be removed)
  • PRO Edition: will remove ads and add all the advanced functionality, will require a monthly/annual subscription ($50/month or $500/year)

How do I know what version I have now?

Both versions are installed in your browser, FREE edition is automatically turned on with ads, when you see the ads go away, that’s when PRO is activated.

Advertisers – We will like to thank our advertisers for helping us support RightTool:

If you are interested putting your ad in the bottom right of the RightTool navigation, please email hector your 600×300 GIF/JPG/PNG file for approval. Advertising starts at $3,500/month (based on $.35 per active user – we have just over 10,000 users as of 12/15/2023)