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Version 1.022.9
Void Memo AutomationAutomatically adds the original amount (prior to doing a void) into the memo when voiding transactions for future preferences.
Custom Void Memo Name Automation, could override the name portion of the automated message that gets entered when a transaction is voided.
Show Journal Normal BalancesCreates a button to see the normal balances of an account (if a debit increases the account or decreases it).
Bank Memo Copy In TransactionsCreates a button that quickly copies the value of the bank memo into the Memo for a transaction while inside a transaction page.
Sales Transaction Item LockAdds a button that allows user to “lock” the description, qty, and amount of a line item while they change the item (product/service) and not lose the info that is there
Copy Bill Memo to Bill PaymentsCopies the Bill’s Memo IF the bill payment (‘Mark as Paid’) is initiated from the original bill, copies it to the bill payment
Bank Deposit Auto-Enable CustomersAutomatically selects the Track Returns For Customers checkbox on bank deposit page.
1099 Account Mapping EnhancementsAdds a shift-click functionality to selecting accounts in the 1099 screen and adds a ‘Make All NEC’ button to batch change all the accounts to file under the NEC filing type.
Restrict TransfersDisallow user from accepting suggested transfers from Bank Feeds

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