RightTool Settings: Accountant PRO

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Version 1.020.5
Enable Company SwitchThis enables the COMPANY SWITCH SECTION in the RightTool navigation bar that keeps a list of your save company files so you can quickly switch between customers
Enable Group FavoritesThis enables the GROUP FAVORITES SECTION in the RightTool navigation and allows you to save and mass open groups of favorites
Enable ScriptsAllows you to add ‘Bookmarklets’ into RightTool to make your own custom functions.
Reconciled Transaction IndicatorAdds a ‘(Reconciled)’ indicator at the top of transactions if they are reconciled. You can also click on the ‘Reconciled’ indicator to check that all parts of the transaction were reconciled
Books Review ‘Mark Done’ ButtonAdds a button that allows you to mark all statuses on the books review page to ‘Done’
COA Filter By Type & Show AllAdds a box to filter the current page of the Chart Of Accounts by Type, and a button to show all items in a single page in the COA.
Transaction Customer/Vendor Detail LinkCreates a link to the Customer/Vendor Detail page for the selected payee inside of transactions.
JE Clean Up ButtonDelete Lines With No DR/CR in Journal Entries that will automatically go through an delete lines in a Journal where there is no Debit or Credit value.
Reclassify Page Extra FiltersAdds filters to the ‘Reclassify Transactions’ page for $ amounts and memos – this filters only on the current page of transactions in this screen.
Convert Payee TypeCreates a button that will append the text of (Converted) to the end of the Customer/Vendor Name. It will also create a Customer with the original name and basic details if you are converting a Vendor, or vice versa. This will wait before saving to give you the option to change details and you can choose to deactivate the original payee.
Bill Pay EnhancementsCreates a button that allows you to show all rows when inside the ‘Pay Bills’ page. Also unhides the Vendor Credit area in ‘Bill Payments’ when you filter on Bills.
Reclassify From ReportsAllows users to right-click on the numbers inside of classic reports and open a reclassify transactions page that is specific to the account you clicked on. Easter egg: There is an experimental “right-click” feature also in this setting that allows you to right-click in the Reconciliation window and trigger a multi-tab search for all amounts in the reconcile screen that have not been cleared yet.

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