RightTool Settings: Tab Management

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Version 1.022.9
Enable MANAGE TABSThis enables the MANAGE TABS section in the RightTool right navigation bar which tracks all the open tabs related to QBO and can allow you to quickly switch between tabs and/or close them all in batch
RT Shortcuts Open New TabWhen this feature is enabled, RightTools starts creates all new pages that were clicked from the RT navigation bar OR via a Keyboard shortcut. Turning it off, keeps everything within the same tab (as normal)
Close Tabs on Company ChangeWhen this is turned on, whenever you change from one company file to another, RightTool will close all the open tabs to declutter your tabs on the top and prevent the dreaded “gray screen”
Audit Loop EscapeWhenever you open an audit history to a transaction (such as an invoice) QBO has the problem that when you close that Audit log screen it does not take you back to the transaction you where looking at. This feature fixes that issue
Transaction Journal New TabSimilar to the Audit Scape Loop, but with a Transaction Journal
Match Tab NamesWhen is is turned on, RightTool will rename the tabs on top of the browser to whatever are they are inside QBO instead of just saying “QuickBooks” and you having to click like 3 tabs to get to where you want to be
Reports Enhanced DrilldownModifies reports so that if you click in any number to drill down from a Summary Report into a Detail report or from a detail report to a transaction, so that it opens those in new tabs. auto closes when a transaction is opened from a report drill down or from the deposit window, so when user clicks on X or Save and close, the tab auto closes.
Close Sidebar After Clicking A FavoriteAfter clicking one of the shortcuts inside of RightTool’s Favorites – the sidebar will close to give more space to work.
Clickable Recurring Transaction NamesAllows users to click on the template names inside of the ‘Recurring Transaction’ Page to open them in a new tab with the ‘Use’ action.
Open New Tabs from ‘Pay Bills’Opens Bills into a new tab when working out of the ‘Pay Bills’ screen.
Deposits New TabsWhenever you click on any transaction in undeposited funds list while in the deposit screen, it opens them in a new tab

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