RightTool Settings: Accessibility

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Version 1.022.9
Font Size ModifierMakes the fonts in RightTool bigger or smaller by a factor of +1 to +5 or -1 or -5. Default setting is 0 (Feels like 14pt Font)
RT Sidebar ModifierAllows you to increase an decrease the width of the RightTools left navigation bar while expanded
Enable Keyboard ShortcutsRightTool adds a myriad of Keyboard shortcuts that significantly enhances the experience of QBO
Black/White Color Scheme (buttons)Change the colors of RT buttons in QBO to black and white
Speech to Text DictationAdds speech-to-text to multiple shortcuts in RT
“Colorblind Negatives” Make Red Negatives in reports, BLUETurns the color of “Negative Reds” in reports into blue.
Larger Bolder Numbers in Modern InvoicesMakes the font more legible for the NEW estimates and invoices. Old forms are unaffected.
Auto-Close Left NavEvery time a new tab or screen is changed in QBO, RT will force close the Left Navigation Bar, and you will see the animation
Enhanced Transaction EscFixes the issue where ESC doesn’t exit out of some transaction windows

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