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Version 1.022.9
Batch Edit Bank Account (Register)Allows you to select a new bank account for transactions when doing a bulk edit.
Bulk Change Customer/Project in LinesWhen going to the ‘Transaction Detail by Date’ report you will get an option to batch change/add to the lines of transactions in the report. It is recommended to get here from the ‘Reclassify Transactions’ Page
Reversing Transactions Options & Void Bills/DepositsCreates reversing transaction buttons for most transaction types; including: Invoices, Sales Receipts, Bills, Expenses, and Vendor Credits. This also adds a void button to bills and deposits.
Copy Transactions in RegisterCreates a button inside the details of transactions in the register that allows you to quickly copy it.
Paste Details into Modernized Transactions Allows you to copy and paste from Excel into the Item/Category Details Bill, Check, CC credit, Vendor Credit pages (modernized versions only). Also works in NEW Invoice/Estimates Screens
Bulk Create In RegisterAllows users to create single line transactions from inside the Register page in batch. Also has a button for a Batch Template to get a csv you can edit.
Find Product For Inactivating AccountsCreates a button to find attached products to an account when you are trying to delete from the Chart Of Accounts and it says ‘This account is used by a product or service’.
Sort Transaction ColumnsAllows you to sort the columns of transactions. Currently only works in the new invoices.
Balance Sheet Adjustment ToolClick the Adjust button in a plain Balance Sheet to start. Allows you to visually change the Numbers in the Balance sheet and export a CSV of a Journal Entry that you can use to import. Adjusts the balances to Retained earnings if there are more Debits or Credits.

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