RightTool Setting: Batch PRO

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Version 1.022.9
Shift-Click In All ListsExtends shift click functionality to the Reclassify, Receive Payments, Bank Feed Matching, Rules, and Deposit screens
Copy Excel to JournalGives users a “copy/paste” experience for bringing data from spreadsheets into a QBO Journal Entry
Bulk Delete From Vendor/Customer DetailsAdds a batch action that allows you to delete transactions in bulk in the Vendor page.
Batch Delete In RegisterA batching mechanism (with SHIFT CLICK capabilities) to select various transactions in the register and delete them quickly.
Batch Edit Transactions In RegisterAllows you to batch change Date, Payee, Account, Memo, Class, Location, and/or Reconcile Status from inside the register.
Inventory Quantity Adjustment EnhancementsCreates a button inside of the ‘Inventory Adjustments’ screen to quickly add all products & a button to zero out the new qty for each of them.
Batch Delete Purchase OrdersAllows a user to batch delete purchase orders by using the ‘Search’ Screen for purchase orders. Use the ‘Search Recent Purchase Orders’ shortcut in RightTool to see!
Find and Replace in TransactionCreates a button that allows you to find and replace text inside of all descriptions and the memo of a transaction.
Batch Delete Recurring TransactionsAdds a button to the recurring transactions screen that allows you to delete recurring transactions in bulk.
Reallocate from Reports via Journal EntryAllows you to choose Classes, Location, or Customer by creating a CSV Journal Entry Template. You can then import the Journal using RightTool’s Paste from Excel Feature (or QBO’s)
Batch Change Project StatusAdds a button that enables the user to change the status of all projects in the current page of projects.
Copy Down & Copy RowsAllows you to click on a value inside of transactions and copy them down to the end of the transaction. Also adds a button to quickly copy rows inside transactions.

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