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Version 1.022.9
Bank Feed Additional DetailAdds the original Bank Text in addition to the Bank Description (Intuit’s cleanup version of the Payee which is often correct but sometimes very incorrect!). Shows as red text in bank transactions
Display Text Under Bank Feed CardsAdds text underneath the cards in the bank feed if you have an account with (parenthesis) in it. e.g. Custom Account (1990) would put 1990 in red text under the account. Keyword: Bank Cards
Larger Account/Memo BoxesDoubles the width of accounts in Bank Feeds Screen and also makes the Memo box expandable so you can read the long and multi-line memo boxes that come from the bank sometimes
New Transactions ButtonQuickly create a missing transaction being created from within the bank reconciliation screen and opens on same TAB. Menu is also accessible via CTRL SHIFT E. Bonus: it contextually selects the account you were in for all transactions except Journal Entries
Google MemoAdds a button to the bank feed that allows you to quickly turn the memo of a bank transaction into a Google search. If you highlight some text in the memo – it will be searched instead.
Restrict Transfers In Bank FeedPrevents you from being able to mark a non-paired transaction as a Transfer. Preventing annoying cleanups.
Restrict CC Payments In Bank FeedPrevents you from being able to mark a non-paired transaction as a Credit Card Payment. Preventing annoying cleanups.
Clean Category NamesAutomatically cleans up the names of categories inside of the bank feed. Ex. 1234 Travel Expenses: Meals would become 1234 Meals.
Sticky Table HeadersTable header will stay at the top of the table as you scroll up and down for Bank Feed and Bank Register pages.
Bank Feed Color AssistanceColor codes: Rules, Pairings, and Matches – so that you can more easily distinguish them.
Improved Rule Creation WorkflowEnables multiple options that allow you to prevent rules from being saved under certain conditions and auto-edit rules to fix defaults from QBO.

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