RightTool Setting: Deposit PRO

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Version 1.022.9
Show/Hide Undeposited FundsAdds a button “Show/Hide Undeposited Funds” while in the Deposit screen which is useful whenever there are a lot of transactions, saves time to scroll down to the table where you enter new deposit information when recording a deposit that does not contain an undeposited funds transaction
Open Transactions in New TabWhenever you click on any transaction in undeposited funds list while in the deposit screen, it opens them in a new tab
Filter Undeposited Funds by DateAdds a filter to view only transactions after a certain date.
Selected Totals on Sticky HeaderCreates a sticky copy of the footer on the payments for bank deposits to the top of the page. Allowing you to see totals while scrolling.
Copy Deposit ButtonCreates a button that allows you to copy/duplicate a deposit to a new transaction, Also enables the ability to just ‘Save’ a transaction.

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