RightTool Setting: Bank Automation PRO

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Version 1.017.6
Collapse/Expand Grouped Columns ButtonAdds a “Close/Open Groups” link that allows you to collapse and expand groups whenever the Turn on Groupings option is turned on inside Bank Feeds (Transactions) screen.
Untransfer ButtonAdds a new button to bank feeds; “Untransfer” batches all the existing transactions displayed in the bank feeds current page to CATEGORIZE instead of transfer (with exception of paired transactions)
Auto-Update Bank FeedsAutomatically triggers an Update to bank feeds when entering that screen for the first time in that logged in session. Also CTRL SHIFT B triggers an update
Automatic Extended Matching Date RangeWhen looking for additional matches from the the bank feed – RT will set the date range to 12 months before and 3 months after the transaction – as opposed to the default date range of 3 months in QBO.
Quick Create VendorsAllows you to quickly create new Vendors from the Bank Feed. Simply highlight text inside the bank memo textbox and a button will come up to auto add the vendor to this file
Copy Bank Text to Memo in Bank TransactionsHighlights the bank text and makes it clickable inside transactions if the memo doesn’t match. Clicking the text will replace the memo with the bank text. the sub-option fixes an issue that sometimes occurs with QBO’s default ‘Copy To Bank Memo’ feature.

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