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PRO Edition of RightTool is $50 a month for 1 user and $15/month for additional user (based on QBO login) – no “per company” charge (AKA: unlimited clients / company files).

List of these 40+ features that are PRO only, in addition to the 60+ FREE features (minus the ads):

  • Additional RightTool Controls:
    • Company Switch: quick access to multiple QBO Companies
    • Favorite Groups: ability to create folders/groups of favorites that can be launched all at the same time
    • Scripts: Allows you to add ‘Bookmarklets’ into RightTool to make your own custom functions.
  • Accountant Tools, Chart of Accounts, and Lists Improvements:
    • Books Review ‘Mark Done’ Button: Adds a button that allows you to mark all statuses on the books review page to ‘Done’
    • COA Filter By Type & Show All: Adds a box to filter the current page of the Chart Of Accounts by Type, and a button to show all items in a single page in the COA.
    • Reclassify Page Improvement: Adds filters to the ‘Reclassify Transactions’ page for $ amounts and memos – this filters only on the current page of transactions in this screen.
    • Batch Delete Recurring Transactions: Adds a button to the recurring transactions screen that allows you to delete recurring transactions in bulk.
    • BETA – Find Product For Inactivating Accounts: Creates a button to find attached products to an account when you are trying to delete from the Chart Of Accounts and it says ‘This account is used by a product or service’.
    • Convert Payee Type: allows you to take an existing customer and create a vendor with the same info and vice-versa
  • Transactions:
  • Bank Feeds Improvements
    • Collapse/Expand Grouped transactions: Adds a “Close/Open Groups” link that allows you to collapse and expand groups whenever the Turn on Groupings option is turned on inside Bank Feeds (Transactions) screen.
    • Auto-Update Bank Feeds: Automatically triggers an Update to bank feeds when entering that screen for the first time in that logged in session. Also CTRL SHIFT B triggers an update
    • Untransfer Button: batches all the existing transactions displayed in the bank feeds current page to CATEGORIZE instead of transfer (with exception of paired transactions)
    • Categorized Transactions Rule Filter: Adds a link to a window with all transactions for a vendor or customer inside the transactions of a bank feed as a report. Optionally have it open the Vendor Detail page for that specific payee
    • Bank Rule Page Enhancements: Adds a filter to view only the rules that don’t have a Payee or are Auto-Add rules. Also adds a ‘Show-all’ Button.
    • Automatic Extended Matching Date Range: When looking for additional matches from the the bank feed – RT will set the date range to 12 months before and 3 months after the transaction – as opposed to the default date range of 3 months in QBO.
    • Quick Create Vendors: Allows you to quickly create new Vendors from the Bank Feed. Simply highlight text inside the bank memo textbox and a button will come up to auto add the vendor to this file. You can also use ALT+C or ALT+V to quickly choose which entity type to create after selecting the text on the memo
    • BETA – Bank Categorization AI: Ask ChatGPT how to categorize something in Bank Feeds (with fully customizable prompts)
  • Register Screen Improvements
    • Quick delete/un-recocnile Shortcuts: Ability to use CTRL SHIFT \ and CTRL SHIFT U to quickly mark a transaction unreconconciled or to delete it from the register, skipping all warning messages
    • Batch Delete mechanism (with SHIFT CLICK capabilities) to select various transactions in the register and delete all in one shot
    • Creates an input for a custom default year when typing in a date shortcut, that autofills for that year
    • Batch Edit Transactions In Register: Allows you to batch change Date, Payee, Account, Memo (+append or prepend to existing memo), Class, Location, and/or Reconcile Status from inside the register.
    • BETA – Batch Edit Source Bank Account: Allows you to select a new bank account for transactions when doing a bulk edit.
    • BETA – Bulk Create In Register: Allows users to create single line transactions from inside the Register page in batch. Also has a button for a Batch Template to get a csv you can edit.
  • Advanced Reports Improvements
    • BETA – Report Analysis AI: Puts a link at the bottom of summary reports that allows you to ask ChatGPT to analyze a report.
  • Journal Entry Improvements
  • Reconciliation Improvements
    • Quick Add New Transactions (contextual to account).
    • Export Reconciliation to CSV: Exports current reconciliation into CSV including the checkmarks
    • Delete From Reconcile Button: Allows a user to shortcuts to delete transactions from the reconcile page. Afterwords QBO will go back to the next transaction. CTRL SHIFT D will take you to the point where you confirm deleting in QBO. CTRL SHIFT \ will skip the popups and delete for you.
    • Void From Reconcile Button: Adds a button that macros through voiding a transaction in the reconcile page if it can – it will stop right before you confirm deleting. Afterwords QBO will go back to the next transaction.
    • Shift-Click In Reconcile Screen: Ability to shift-click to clear and unclear transactions in bulk in the Reconcile Screen
    • Search For Amount In Reconcile: creates an input that allows you to search for and highlight the amount you enter in the current reconciliation page. Press multiple times to cycle through the list if there are multiple matches.
  • Deposit Screen Improvements
    • Show/Hide Undeposited Funds: Adds a button “Show/Hide Undeposited Funds” while in the Deposit screen which is useful whenever there are a lot of transactions, saves time to scroll down to the table where you enter new deposit information when recording a deposit that does not contain an undeposited funds transaction
    • Drill-down/click on transaction open in a new tab all transactions to not lose your work on the screen
    • Filter Undeposited Funds by Date: Adds a filter to view only transactions after a certain date.
    • Copy Deposit Button: Creates a button that allows you to copy a deposit to a new transaction. Also enables the ability to just ‘Save’ a transaction.
  • Inventory Adjustment Improvements

As of 1.019.2

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